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Posted on | August 12, 2008 | 3 Comments

Welcome to “Freedom Of Thinking”, my friends!

This is the first true attempt to promote properly this current that comes to complete and give a new boost to the “Anti-Mainstream” community, so bravely promoted and fought for by “boss” R.I.P and his “Rotting In Peace” projects…

It has been a loooot of work in order to get here, today, as I write this post, and I am sure that this was just the easy part…

In this blog/site I’ll try to express my personal opinions, ideas and ways of thinking and acting regarding any subject that comes to mind or generates public debates, in a very small but daring way trying to fight the stupidity that seems to spread exponentially all over the world…

Well then… let’s start… and if my English is not very correct or has errors of pronounciation, give me a break… Is not like is my native tongue! But at least I try… I know so-called “americans” (yeah, stupid… if you’re not a descendant from the old indian tribes, you are just an illegal alien or, at the very best, a descendant of a murderer who helped destroy the tribes and their civilisation) who cannot read English… or speak it very well…

So, welcome to “Freedom Of Thinking” with your host, Ahriman!


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