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Sarah Palin – No, no, no!!!

Posted on | September 3, 2008 | No Comments

I know I am not an american and frankly, I hate America! Will explain later why… 

But, since the romanian news makers are such a big kiss-ass of America, they present more news about the elections in America than our election… Like anyone gives a fuck about America! My money come from the stupid romanian government, not american!

Anyway, I watched the presidential campain from the distance… was dissapointed when Hillary Clinton retreated from her White House campaign (or that was just a clever move from her and her staff? We’ll see…)… and now I simapthyse with Mr. Barak Obama (funny thing having a half black-half mussulman for the president of the USA) but I will never simpathyse with the stuck-up Republicans, and especially Miss. Sarah Palin!!!!!

She is an evil woman! Any self-respecting psychologist and any character judge, not mentioning empaths, will see that she is evil! No matter her achievements, which they clearly seem supported with a lot of her husband’s money and a lot of the money that the tax-payers don’t even know they spent, but I will NEVER-EVER vote for a NRA lifetime member and a hunter!!!!!

Fuck you, lady! Whi the hell are you to hunt for fun members of species that were on this planet long before Homo Sapiens ever existed? Who the hell are you to parade as a NRA member in front of the world? What, do you think that you attract the rednecks that believe they are “americans” (do you have natives as ancestors, MoFo?) with the gun policies, that means you are “the future of this country”  or a “fresh perspective”? Go stick your head into an iceberg!!!!!

Lady, people are sick of republicans and wannabees like you! Sptember 11 was your fault and you had that coming!!!! So don’t go parade with your son enlisting after September 11 because that is just bullshit!!! It may appeal to your stupid fellows americand but for the rest of the world… is crap!!!!

Get that straight, lady! If the rest of the world could vote for the president of the USA, they would spit on your image just for the NRA and hunting!!!! And, of course, on the image of America, because, no matter how great you think you are, event though you promote equal rights for all (or pretend so) you are the biggest racist country there is on this planet!!!

Lady, I do hope you’ll loose! And I hope that the small amount of smart “americans” (because, let’s face it, the most valuable people you have in America are imported!) will open their eyes and see what a phooney you are…

Vote Obama!!!


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