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Posted on | December 1, 2009 | No Comments

Great show! Great album from “Red Hot Chilli Peppers” also…

This is not what I want to write about, though… is about the spirit that emulates from that show… the idea of being… free… not totally free, of course, because that is a stupid illusion in this “modern” world; it is also a great… dream, worth fighting for (not with guns, stupid! – using your brain is better).

It is a show about the reality that we keep forcing ourselves living in and ways of escaping from it but keeping our heads above the water and try to see the important things in life, despite all obstacles!

What I like the most is that everytime I watch it, the idea of becoming a writer resparks in my soul… and also remakes me wonder: Why the FUCK are you not writing, you stupid fool?!!! Still looking for an answer on that one…

I guess is the… surrroundings… where I live you cannot be… “free” unless you have a LOT of money, so you can afford breaking the law and acting as a total fucking ass (different story… will talk about it later)… but money is an issue, not mentioning that after 60 years of communism wrongly applied (the idea was good, the way it was implemented was a different thing) it is hard to evade from those older than you and who lived in that period their all lifes… and those will be your parents and granparents…

And, to be fair, despite all bad things, this is not USA, where, if you really want it, you can actually succeed in life by using your brains. Here, if you don’t have money or string relations, you’re nobody.

Eh, let’s… drink on it and hope that the events of tomorrow will not be my last 🙂 See you soon, I hope!


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