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The way we look at women… and what we think

Posted on | January 6, 2010 | No Comments

I couldn’t sleep last night and while I was just turning from one side to another, my… imagination started wandering… and women came into mind (come on, I am a man… we think of sex more than we think of food)…

We like women… we like to look at women and think… well, that is it! What do men think when they look at a woman? Is not that complicated… men are very easy to understand beings.

How come? Well, in simplest terms… we look at a woman’s face… pretty or not pretty! Simple! Yeah, I said it! Pretty is not referred to the whole body, but mostly the face…

Neck… too long or too short…

Breasts… mhmm, how I would like to suck on those!

Waist… to thick or to thin…

Ass… how I would like to spank that!

Crotch… just get me in there!

Legs… well, on legs there could be many things… the most common thoughts are: “too long, too short, elephant legs, gazelle, just perfect, how I would like to have those wrapped around me!”…

That’s it! Told’ ya wasn’t so complicated!


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