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The “Burden” of Na’Vi

This is not a critical or downplaying article about the Na’Vi CS:GO team because… Why write something like that now? This should be an encouragement article; this is about what is and what could be, but maybe on a bigger scale than any player on the Na’Vi CS:GO roster realizes. The “Burden” of Na’Vi – […]

NFL ProBowl needs to change… But how?

I guess we can all agree that the recent NFL ProBowl was quite a displeasant embarassment; not that the last 10 editions or so were much different! As an extrenal (way external, from Eastern Europe) viewer, I am glad I didn’t pay a ticket to see it and also that I didn’t waste any sleep […]

A Brief Psychology of a Counter-Strike Cheater

Hello! Welcome to the wonderful world of… your personality! This article is written especially for the title subject, even though others might read it in order to get revenge on said subject, and I hope this short trip into the fascinating world of personality traits that are a little off the mark will prove to […]

Updates on…

… this idiot: http://ahriman.eu/?p=189 His new car and car number are as follows: BMW (don’t know the model but is a dark blue-gray piece of crap as you can see in the next image) CT 21 KZM  

The one true feeling…

… that really matters in this life, is hatred! Why, you ask? We are born from love and in love. Be it the love of our divine ancestors, our God or Gods, the love of our parents or even the love of the Universe, it is everywhere and always present! We live in it, it […]

Turning the page…

… and starting to make changes… Because it is time. It’s that simple… I’ve arrived at a point in my life where I feel… complete, from one point of view, and totally without a purpose, from another perspective. And it’s all going on a roller-coaster that I can’t stop and it’s starting to get  a […]

New kid on the block… Sorry, in the palace!

Or, just how plain stupid the people of England are! Cheers, joy and even gifts for the newborn of the Royal Family. Which is pretty much the key element here… Royal Family! This kid is blessed… He’s only few hours old and already the system provided him with servants and people to rule. All those […]

The kill…

Today I killed a man. It was necessary. It was the time… He asked for it… at one point he even begged… So I had to do it. He had nothing left, he became useless and there was no point in letting him continue on the path he saw no end of… It wasn’t that […]

My encounters with a psychopath… True story, still active!

In order to better comprehend what I am about to tell you, you should check out first the “short manual” for identifying a psychopath that might cross your path, with the mention that all the benefits and recognition should ho to Dr. R. Hare, who created and adjusted this list, also known as Hare’s PCL […]

Congratulations to the system! Habemus… whatever…

All the people gathered today in the Vatican Square are the perfect example to what’s wrong with the world! Kissing and hugging for a guy who doesn’t give a rat’s ass for those very people! Get a fucking life! DO something useful and stop wasting time waiting for your imaginary friend to help you through […]

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