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Freedom Of Thinking

Jordan Maxwell – Those Who From The Heaven To Earth Came

A very interesting and not at all untrue (meaning is like 95% true) vision and explanation about the Bible and secrets behind it. Disclose.tv – Those Who From Heaven To Earth Came 1 – Maxwell Video Disclose.tv – Those Who From Heaven To Earth Came 2 – Maxwell Video Disclose.tv – Those Who From Heaven […]

Drunvalo Melchizedek – The Maya of Eternal Time

Just watch and, hopefully, you’ll understand something… Disclose.tv – The Maya Of Eternal Time – Part 1 Video Disclose.tv – The Maya Of Eternal Time – Part 2 Video

Ahriman.eu goes multi-user…

From today there will be two users which will post around here: Ahriman and Shade. Together will try to shine some light on the hidden truths of this world, will restart the “Freedom of Thinking” project and the all-new “Freedom of  Being” project! From now on you’ll see videos and testimonials of the likes of […]

Eurosport and Europa League don’t mix…

Europa League is on its second year of existence and still, Eurosport cannot get a good grip on the internet links and web design, giving the fact that their link on Europa League from the Football tab still gives the same shitty error: I don’t even mention that is says “uefa-cup” on the page address… […]

Congratulations, Canada!

The Olympics are over. Wasn’t the best Winter Olympics ever, many errors and glitches but the end was awesome! I was a supporter for the Canada Hockey team, mostly in the final. Beating USA – great feeling! Giving the fact that I have more friends in Canada than in USA, leaned the balance even more […]

The way we look at women… and what we think

I couldn’t sleep last night and while I was just turning from one side to another, my… imagination started wandering… and women came into mind (come on, I am a man… we think of sex more than we think of food)… We like women… we like to look at women and think… well, that is […]

Indulging… who?

Is that what am I doing? I actually like this… good-for-nothing and “fuck-it all” new attitude on life? What the fuck happened with me? Eh, who cares? Really, does anyone care? Frankly, in this “modern” society where everybody’s worried about its own ass and doesn’t really give a shit about anyone else, it would be […]


Great show! Great album from “Red Hot Chilli Peppers” also… This is not what I want to write about, though… is about the spirit that emulates from that show… the idea of being… free… not totally free, of course, because that is a stupid illusion in this “modern” world; it is also a great… dream, […]

Just another day in Hell…

Or at my permanent home… some might say… I cannot even remember how the day went by… just… it was morning and then… it was now, night time… Went out for few minutes, just to shoot some pictures and to pay some bills, tried to organize my thoughts but nothing useful came out of this… […]

Friendship… at a distance

Does it work? Does it keep its strength as time goes by? And what about the time-zone difference? These are questions I sometimes ask myself, giving the fact that some of my dearest friends are situated a little bit… far away, like 7 to 8 hours distance, counted “backwards”, those hours meaning USA and Canada. […]

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