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Romania on top…

Unfortunatelly, the tops are not the ones that make you proud; aparently, Romania is on the second place in the adolescent mothers top and on the third place in abortions on the same age group, overall in Europe… Isn’t this something wonderful? Of course not, but what can you do when the educational and health […]

A small irony…

On the 14th of October 2008, the exam for becoming a specialist in Family Medicine, in Romania, starts… Residents which started preparation for this in 2005 can participate… Let’s assume that they pass it all… on the 1st of January 2009 their residency ends… Here comes the funny thing: starting with the 1st of January […]

Counter-Strike Cup 5vs5 STEAM ON

Well, the Counter-Strike Clan that I belong to decided to have a small Counter-Strike Cup, 5vs5 STEAM ONLY. 16 teams, divided in 4 groups, will battle for… honor and glory and publicity and/or exposure for their Clans. This is our first Cup, so there might be setbacks, but anyone who wants to join is more […]

Sarah Palin – No, no, no!!!

I know I am not an american and frankly, I hate America! Will explain later why…  But, since the romanian news makers are such a big kiss-ass of America, they present more news about the elections in America than our election… Like anyone gives a fuck about America! My money come from the stupid romanian […]

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