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Freedom Of Thinking

Drunvalo Melchizedek – The Maya of Eternal Time

Just watch and, hopefully, you’ll understand something… Disclose.tv – The Maya Of Eternal Time – Part 1 Video Disclose.tv – The Maya Of Eternal Time – Part 2 Video

Ahriman.eu goes multi-user…

From today there will be two users which will post around here: Ahriman and Shade. Together will try to shine some light on the hidden truths of this world, will restart the “Freedom of Thinking” project and the all-new “Freedom of  Being” project! From now on you’ll see videos and testimonials of the likes of […]

Eurosport and Europa League don’t mix…

Europa League is on its second year of existence and still, Eurosport cannot get a good grip on the internet links and web design, giving the fact that their link on Europa League from the Football tab still gives the same shitty error: I don’t even mention that is says “uefa-cup” on the page address… […]

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