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A Nature’s answer to a problem?

Posted on | September 9, 2010 | No Comments

Overpopulating the Earth… One of our modern’s world problems is overpopulating this chunk of rock we’re living on.

Of course, in some retarded person’s minds, the “rising” number of gay people, is also a problem. I’ve been hearing talks about an epidemics of gay and their rising numbers and I’ve asked myself two questions: 1) So? 2) How damn retarded do you have to be to see this as a stringent problem?

Then, I’ve started thinking… What if this “rising in numbers” is a natural phenomenon created by Mother Earth itself? On one hand, gay couples don’t procreate; on the other they can adopt and offer a better life to some child abandoned by his/hers “normal” heterosexual parents… So, I ask the detractors: what is the fucking problem?

In my opinion, there is none… frankly, if for some years people would stop procreating for insurance or inheritance purposes and start adopting the orphans or abandoned children, there will be a decline in overpopulating… But since that is not gonna happen, let’s at least let the gay couples adopt…

For me, the “dangerously increasing numbers of gay people” seems just one answer given to one problem by the Nature. We, her children, surely didn’t find any good solution to this one…


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