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Congratulations to the system! Habemus… whatever…

Posted on | March 14, 2013 | No Comments

All the people gathered today in the Vatican Square are the perfect example to what’s wrong with the world! Kissing and hugging for a guy who doesn’t give a rat’s ass for those very people! Get a fucking life! DO something useful and stop wasting time waiting for your imaginary friend to help you through his imaginary representative who is useful sometimes only to give speeches from a balcony!

Congratulations, stupid people! The system worked perfectly on you, and you were reduced to just stupid drones waving flags for a guy you don’t know, who, for sure, doesn’t know or care about you and just became the leader of an organization that killed millions in the name of the same imaginary friend you think you have and that you think could help you do… what? Win more money? Get a better life? Convert all the non-believers and make them give more money to a society that used to sell God’s good will to criminals in order to have money for wars? Hmm…

Good job, system! You’ve proven yourself today!


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