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New kid on the block… Sorry, in the palace!

Posted on | July 23, 2013 | No Comments

Or, just how plain stupid the people of England are!

Cheers, joy and even gifts for the newborn of the Royal Family. Which is pretty much the key element here… Royal Family!

This kid is blessed… He’s only few hours old and already the system provided him with servants and people to rule. All those paying attention and cheering for him forget one simple element: he’s there to rule over you! He’s there to be fed and raised by YOUR money, without him working a fucking day in his life!

You are cheering for the one who’s gonna be upfront, fed and taken care of, while your children will live, learn, work and die in misery and poverty.

He’s better than you just because of his blood-line… You are nothing!

It is funny how the system worked so perfectly in order to achieve this. People forgetting that it is their hard work and effort that will raise the one who, one day, will be their ruler, without actually earning that place. And I said ruler, not leader… Huge difference!

I wonder if someone from the Royal Family ever cheered or was there, paying attention to the birth of a child of somebody who was cheering for the newborn yesterday and today and so on… Did you ever see that? Wake the fuck up, people! Instead of cheering, think that you have another mouth to feed. And it’s much more expensive than the mouth of your own child…

Just… think for a moment. Then leave the party, turn off the TV, the radio and any other media and start living for you and for your family. Not for some made-up fake leader who will send your children to war and will look at you how you starve while he’s fed from your pockets…


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