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The one true feeling…

Posted on | August 3, 2013 | 1 Comment

… that really matters in this life, is hatred!

Why, you ask?

We are born from love and in love. Be it the love of our divine ancestors, our God or Gods, the love of our parents or even the love of the Universe, it is everywhere and always present! We live in it, it is considered to be the only feeling that can create and animate life.

It is a beautiful feeling. And it is too easy… It is easy to love, it is easy to even make love, it is easy to give love all around, without expecting it back, it is that damn easy!

I talk about true love, the pure and basic feeling, not about obsession and illusions, psychopathy and stupidity!

Now… hate or hatred! That is a feeling that you work really hard on it! True hatred, the one you construct over time, the one you work hard on getting inside you heart, as a true commandment, that feeling that doesn’t make you see red in front of your eyes, but to be able to really feel and appreciate life and sense the persons around them!

Hate doesn’t come easily… Noooo, you have to earn it, to put it together piece by piece, to work on it!

It starts like a strange pinch… but then something happens… All that love, that basic and natural feeling starts to change somehow… You start to find it strange to feel love as a driving force behind your every move and as a reason to live. You start looking at certain persons and to feel a much stronger emotion towards them… something even stronger than love. Something that makes you look more carefully at what is drawing you closer and closer to a certain person, place, animal or situation…

We are hardwired to love… but God is a funny guy. He’d given us freedom of choice. And it takes a real effort to change all that fundamental programming to turn that love into hate and, more than that, really appreciate it!

It takes a real effort to look back and start seeing the changes… start seeing the lies, the betrayals, the attitudes, the lack of candor, the feeling of being left alone in the storm by all around you after you’ve given them that love you were supposed to give without expecting nothing in return and still coming out empty. It takes a real effort to stop yourself from crying every night, to start fighting all those who oppose you, to look at the face of God and say “Hey, fucker! What if I’ll never surrender?”

It takes real effort and commitment to start fighting fate. Love will guide you unconditionally towards your destiny. Hatred will really drive you to fight the fate that might stand in the way of your destiny! Because hatred is necessary to face life’s adversities when the love that brought you here, in this world, and fueled you while you were protected by those around you is not enough anymore.

It takes effort to bring hate into your heart, logical, strong and pure hatred and, most of all, keep it there! “Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names!”. True saying but it has a little twist: only pure hatred will help you to never forget your enemies. Because if you give in to love, you’ll forget they are your enemies and be again hurt by them, a pawn in their schemes. We suffer because we love. And the more you love, the more you’ll suffer. And maybe you decide that life offered you enough sour grapes, no matter how much you love them, and want to taste something else.

But for that, you’ll have to turn to something else, that offers something a little bit different. And while you fight the suffering, with logic, desire and sane mind,  you’ll have only one path that you can take: hate! Do not try to twist this around: you can put as many people, places, distances and time between you and your source of suffering, as long as you love, you’ll suffer.

Hatred is the only true feeling, because is the only feeling that we are NOT born to feel. You are not born to hate, you are born to love.

The funny thing is that most people believe that hatred is darkness, black, negative. That couldn’t be further from the truth!

I am not talking about anger, disgust, avoidance, distrust… I am talking about hatred! That feeling that drives your planning, that teaches you how to avoid enemies and in the same time keep a hand on them, that feeling that, when felt with all the body really makes you LIVE!

I am not talking about anger, being angry, being blinded by jealousy and acting irrationally… That is for stupid wankers like the one presented in my article about a psychopath. True hatred makes you see things so clearly that you cannot believe how simple they are!

Love wears purple glasses. It makes you vision and thoughts blurry… it makes you act irrationally sometimes. Hatred wears a magnifying glass and gives you instructions about how to use your brain.

Hatred really doesn’t come easily, because it is the only feeling opposed to our innate nature. But when you feel it, when you accept it and you really make it a part of your being, then you start feeling the true freedom. Because you made a choice. You used your given right to choose. And that is freedom!

You’ve fought against your very own nature and you’ve won. From now on, nothing can stop you, not even death. Because even in that final moment, with the last beat of the heart you’ll feel a special place inside, a special discharge of energy that you’ll take with you on the other side because you’ll know in that final breath that you made a true and conscience choice that love would never let you make: you’ve chosen the freedom of hatred!

You can hate everything and everybody around you. It’s true… true psychopaths do that. But you’ll also have to have the brains to do it. Stupid people cannot truly hate. They can only become angry.

You can hate your best friend, you wife, your mother, your teacher and your student, but for that you put real effort into it to fight the pure love that might get you hurt and bring suffering into your life. You have to make real effort to hide that hate and let a little love slip by, so that they still feel connected. Pure hatred will help you control all that.

You can hate all those around you, but isn’t that the one feeling that will make you push forward? Isn’t that the feeling that we’ll make you try to improve yourself to the maximum of your capacity? Think about it… When was the last time that you really felt empowered, really free to do anything you wanted and feel that you can really achieve all you wanted? Was it when you loved all life, all those around you or when you were driven by pure hate?

Lucifer fought and raised against God because of hatred… He fell and lost because he still felt love for God…



One Response to “The one true feeling…”

  1. Avayu
    September 25th, 2013 @ 8:06 pm

    Then why does hatred make me feel weak?it rather feels like fighting to stop hating.Maybe it’s in our nature to hate ,to complain about any aspect of life,to act in our own personal behalf.After a life of disappointments perhaps love,which never seems to end ,is the only thing that keeps us going;I do feel alive when I hate,whether it’s death,or my neighbours cat,or a piece of paper I cut myself in,or a leaf that decided that my day can be even worse by her ‘intervention’ on my forehead ,but it goes away and I see myself stuck in the past,empty.maybe we need to accept,to embrace the fact that non-perfection it’s just fine,actually useful 🙂 I’ve reached a point where i think a ‘worked’ feeling has lost its authenticity and no longer helps me ,but au contraire ,it’s subjugating the only part of me that has no need to be shaped by force,to be civilized

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