Ahriman's Deviations

Freedom Of Thinking

Turning the page…

… and starting to make changes… Because it is time. It’s that simple… I’ve arrived at a point in my life where I feel… complete, from one point of view, and totally without a purpose, from another perspective. And it’s all going on a roller-coaster that I can’t stop and it’s starting to get  a […]


1. Over a year since I’ve last posted something around here… Too much time lost, but will explain in later posts why. 2. Today I’ve got a lesson from life; I was doing what I thought was a good thing to do and a thing that I liked but, at one point, I realized what […]

Video Channel

Added a new page to the site… “Video Channel”. On there will be live broadcast of my collection of videos regarding and by Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, Eckhart Tolle, Drunvalo Melchizedek and others… It won’t be on 24/7 but hopefully you’ll enjoy it…


Great show! Great album from “Red Hot Chilli Peppers” also… This is not what I want to write about, though… is about the spirit that emulates from that show… the idea of being… free… not totally free, of course, because that is a stupid illusion in this “modern” world; it is also a great… dream, […]

Just another day in Hell…

Or at my permanent home… some might say… I cannot even remember how the day went by… just… it was morning and then… it was now, night time… Went out for few minutes, just to shoot some pictures and to pay some bills, tried to organize my thoughts but nothing useful came out of this… […]

New photoblog…

I try to add at least one picture a day… let’s see what will come out of this; the link is below. Ahriman’s Photoblog

Blogging to live…

No, there is no one holding a gun to my head in making me write… at least, not yet… Let’s just say that few hours ago I had a great idea for an article, now I have… just this feeling that somehow I have to write… something, in order to say at the end of […]

Ahriman’s Teachings

The secret of success is to know how to hide your failures. AND/OR If you fail the first time, kill yourself to avoid a second failure.


This is the first entry of a story of a downfall… no successes, no great accomplishments… just the story of what it is to try to learn, try to achieve greatness and then… just to be in front of a computer, writing about your failures and thinking about committing suicide, just so you won’t be […]

My photography

Finally managed to upload a software and some images to my new site which reflects my work in the field of photography… You’ll find the link in the “Pages” section and under the site title, at “My Photography”…SIte’s name is Ahriman’s Studio. Hope you’ll like it!

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