Ahriman's Deviations

Freedom Of Thinking

The one true feeling…

… that really matters in this life, is hatred! Why, you ask? We are born from love and in love. Be it the love of our divine ancestors, our God or Gods, the love of our parents or even the love of the Universe, it is everywhere and always present! We live in it, it […]

It’s Just A Ride…


1. Over a year since I’ve last posted something around here… Too much time lost, but will explain in later posts why. 2. Today I’ve got a lesson from life; I was doing what I thought was a good thing to do and a thing that I liked but, at one point, I realized what […]

Indulging… who?

Is that what am I doing? I actually like this… good-for-nothing and “fuck-it all” new attitude on life? What the fuck happened with me? Eh, who cares? Really, does anyone care? Frankly, in this “modern” society where everybody’s worried about its own ass and doesn’t really give a shit about anyone else, it would be […]

Blogging to live…

No, there is no one holding a gun to my head in making me write… at least, not yet… Let’s just say that few hours ago I had a great idea for an article, now I have… just this feeling that somehow I have to write… something, in order to say at the end of […]

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