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NFL ProBowl needs to change… But how?

Posted on | February 7, 2016 | No Comments

I guess we can all agree that the recent NFL ProBowl was quite a displeasant embarassment; not that the last 10 editions or so were much different!

As an extrenal (way external, from Eastern Europe) viewer, I am glad I didn’t pay a ticket to see it and also that I didn’t waste any sleep over it. Because it was awful… and I saw it on replay!

The ProBowl is supposed to be about “the best of the best, Sir”, going at it and proving, in an all-star game, that they are really the best of the best in their respective positions and trades. But when – like so many distinguished media representatives put it – even flag-football is more physical than this, there is a problem. 

Frankly, besides families and friends, no one wants to see it. Because the risk/reward report is way too high for the players, unless you count the money they get… Even then…

Is there anything it can be done to fi this game if, indeed, someone really wants to keep it and doesn’t want to get rid of it?

My ideas, for what little experience I have with the NFL, are as follow:

  1. Move it, like in NBA, in the middle of the season. No excuses like “we’re tired after that awful long season” anymore.
  2. Go back to AFC vs. NFC – let’s face it! It does offer some degree of pride this way and some meaning. Also, no STUPID, STUPID draft like Irvin vs Rice or anything… The players get their first, second or third string positions by counting the number of votes… To avoid fraud, some professionals should be involved, with their votes counting to, let’s say, 50% of the votes total.
  3. Make it mandatory! Something along the lines of “without a valid medical reason, absence from the ProBowl should result in a penalty of…”… Ok, this might be a little far-fetched but…
  4. Give it an impactful meaning!!! This will bring a little more “zaz” to it… For instance, the two ideas that come to mind, are:
    1. 1. The teams from the winning conference will get home-field advantage for the reminder of the season when playing teams from opposite conference – Now let’s see some real football! The idea of dealing some serious financial damage and gaining some more prestige and money should really appeal to the owners at first and, why not, to players… “Playing in front of the home crowd… So beautiful!” – we’ve all been to acting lessons.  But it doesn raise the stakes a little, doesn’t it?
    2. The teams from the winning conference will get to execute the extra point and 2-point attempts kicks based on the old rules system. Giving the higner number of misses this season – not to mention some that maybe have prevented some teams from reaching or advancing in the play-offs – Hi, New England Patriots! – this rule might find some appeal in the players minds and give them an extra impulse to fight for that ProBowl honor…

I don’t know… Mybe something will change, maybe something will not and the ProBowl will even disappear because, let’s face it… For the public, for the ticket payers, for the viewers, it means NOTHING ANYMORE! Players gain an advantage in financial gains but, in the end, how about the many more millions out-there that actually pay, indirectly, those players?

Because, in the end, is not the league that made itself popular… The viewers and spectators did! Should keep that in mind… 


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